$4 Walmart Prescriptions for Dogs?

Sad DogNot that I’m intentionally shilling for Walmart, but here’s something to tuck in the back of your mind: the next time your dog has to take a prescription drug, you could save $$$ by having the script filled at your local Walmart.

As my Walmart pharmacist says, “A drug is a drug, whether it’s for dogs or their humans. What differs is the dosage and frequency of use.”

As my vet says, “Yep, a lot of drugs we prescribe can be purchased at Walmart, and… I hate to admit it… at a reduced price. Most of the drugs we prescribe for our canine patients are “human” drugs — from Xanax to insulin to antibiotics.”

Yikes… I didn’t realize dogs took Xanax. I guess, among other things, it could help relieve stress caused by thunderstorms and fireworks. Personally, loud noises don’t bother me… maybe it’s because I’m deaf in one ear (discovered through BAER testing when I was a pup… more on that in a future post), and maybe it’s just because my humans are pretty laid back and don’t seem all that excited when a big storm rolls through. Whatever.

Anyhow, keep this list of $4 Walmart meds handy. Hopefully, you won’t ever need it.

Talk to you soon,


P.S. You probably already know this, but never give your dog human over-the-counter or prescription meds without first getting approval and specific instructions from your vet.