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And now this message from Blade’s human friends…


We received some exciting news today! Blade, our beloved Jack Russell Terrier (and Chief Canine for FleaTV), is one of just 31 finalists for Atlanta’s Most Lovable Dog, sponsored by radio station 92.9 Dave FM. Yeah, yeah… we know… it’s an honor just to be nominated (and indeed he is honored; hundreds of dogs were submitted). But the humans who know and love Blade want him to WIN!!! So we’d love your help.


Here’s how you can help:


1) Would you please vote early and often? You can vote today and tomorrow. Voting closes at 4 p.m. EST tomorrow (2/17).
2) Voting is done via Facebook, so you’ll need a Facebook account. Click here: Blade is on Page 6, he’s the fourth one down on that page (submitted by Betty Paxton). 


Thanks, in advance, for your help. We promise we won’t let it go to Blade’s head (even if it does go to ours).


P.S. You can check this photo of Blade on the Dave FM homepage. Pretty exciting!

Conyers Monastery offers special gifts for dogs; bonsai supplies

Monastery of the Holy Spirit; Abbey and Church

Monastery of the Holy Spirit; Abbey and Church

Okay, so there’s this really cool place in Conyers, Georgia called Bonsai by the Monastery.

“By what monastery?” you might wonder. It’s the Monastery of the Holy Spirit (MoHS), where more than 40 Trappist monks lead contemplative lives of prayer.

One means of supporting the monks is through sales made at the two gift shops on the monastery grounds, and one of those shops is aptly named Bonsai by the Monastery.

Beautiful flowering pink bougainvillea bonsai tree

Beautiful flowering pink bougainvillea bonsai tree

Bonsai by the Monastery is situated beside a rustic glass and wood frame greenhouse, chock full of the most beautiful miniature trees and shrubs imaginable. Almost all are for sale through the gift shop, along with a huge assortment of imported Japanese bonsai pottery (including Tokoname pots), Korean Mica pots, tools, how to Bonsai books, videos, soil, wire, Chinese figurines, and just about anything else you could think of related to the art of bonsai gardening. It’s one of the more unique nurseries in Georgia.


But that’s not all Bonsai by the Monastery carries.

Bonsai by the Monastery managers, Karen (L) and Robin, with FleaTV

Bonsai by the Monastery managers, Karen (L) and Robin, with FleaTV

As of this month, the many thousands of visitors who tour the Monastery grounds and stop by the gift shop to support the monks and buy a reminder of their visit, also have the opportunity to purchase… FleaTV! You see, the resourceful women who run Bonsai by the Monastery, Karen and Robin, are expanding their offerings to include select high-quality homemade and made-in-the-USA items that are inspired by nature, and intended for our furry and feathered friends. They even bought a brand new television with built-in DVD player to display their video wares, including, ahem, the aforementioned FleaTV.

So, if you find yourself in the Atlanta metro area, pay a visit to Bonsai by the Monastery in Conyers, where you can feast your eyes on an extraordinary collection of bonsais while FleaTV barks softly in the background.

When you’re there, be sure to say hi to Karen and Robin, two very nice folks who will take very good care of you!

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If you are a pet products retailer and are interested in including FleaTV as part of your product mix, please contact Jim at (877) 806-4746.

Company Announces Release of FleaTV, inventive new DVD for Dogs

Hi everyone. My human friends asked me to post the following. I must admit, it’s all very exciting! Thanks for reading. –Blade

(Alpharetta, GA) – October 12, 2011 – ScratchCat, LLC, well known as a video-based educational publisher, today announced the release of FleaTV, a DVD video described by the Company as a “video dog toy” that has the sole purpose of entertaining, intriguing and delighting dogs.

FleaTV features a unique blend of proprietary techniques designed to capture and hold a dog’s attention. “It’s easy on a dog’s eyes, too,” said Ralph Heigl, Chief Technology Officer for ScratchCat. “With the advent and proliferation of digital systems like today’s LCD and plasma televisions, dogs finally are able to see continuous, smooth video without the distracting flickering they would have experienced watching analog sets,” Heigl explained. “All that’s been missing until now has been quality programming for dogs.”

Central to FleaTV is the acknowledgment that dogs see the world differently than humans do, and for good reason. Because they’re built lower to the ground, dogs have a distinctive perspective on things. With fewer receptors for color vision, dogs tend to see primarily in shades of blue-violet and yellow. And, the structure of a dog’s retina makes it easier for dogs to see high-contrast images. Thus, nothing about the video’s appearance will look familiar to humans.

“FleaTV’s unconventional approach to perspective, colors and contrast together create a reasonable likeness of a dog’s world view,” explained Jim McNeely, VP of Canine Happiness. “What’s more, the FleaTV audio track is full of natural sounds, attention-getting sounds and affirming human voices rather than music, which tends to be bothersome to many dogs.”

Providing quality content was another essential objective of FleaTV. “For the past 30 years, we’ve been developing video-based science lessons for kids,” said Betty Paxton, ScratchCat president, and author of award-winning programs that have permanently reshaped how science is taught in schools today. “When making FleaTV, we applied many of the same techniques we’ve perfected to motivate students and make science memorable – techniques that push emotional buttons and evoke visceral responses, whether you’re furry or non-furry.”

Paxton continued, “We studied several DVDs that claimed to be for dogs, but found them sorely lacking in compelling content. In short, they were boring, and worse, they were presented from a human’s point of view, complete with heinous elevator tunes. FleaTV was designed with the genuine expectation of its captivating and entertaining dogs. That said, their human companions will enjoy the DVD as well.”

Heigl’s Jack Russell Terrier, Blade, was a willing videographer for much of the DVD content. When he wasn’t wearing a camera, Blade was in front of the camera, leading the way on trips to dog parks and nature preserves. The result is a dog’s-eye view of the world.

FleaTV also honors dogs by providing step-by-step video demos for making healthful, homemade treats (Blade’s Guilty Pleasures) and for giving a dog a soothing massage (Blade’s Guide to Heavy Petting).

In concurrence with the release of FleaTV, ScratchCat has launched Flea.TV (, a website featuring Blade’s Blog, the “regular musings of one ambitious dog,” along with dog treat recipes, pet clothing suggestions, gift ideas and more.

FleaTV is approximately 70 minutes long (490 minutes in dog years) and is rated GRR. The suggested retail price is $19.99.

For more information, contact Jim McNeely, Jr. at (877) 806-4746 or email him by clicking on this nifty little envelope icon —>

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